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At this moment it is still developing functions but it will offer integration functionality with other software and apps, including payment API’s gateaways and other integrated software. Offering an end to end business model is critical for Figa and its customers.

Yes, Figa allows you to create and send invoices to customers and clients. You can also set up recurring invoices, track payments, and send automatic payment reminders.

Not yet but it will be available in a couple of months across most regions.

Figa offers different pricing plans based on the needs of your business, ranging from $9/month to $39/month. There is also a 7-day free trial available for new users.

Yes, Figa is designed to be simplle, user-friendly and easy experience. The software has helpful guides and tutorials to help you get started, and there is also a support team available to answer any questions.

Figa is a cloud-based accounting software that supports tradies, small businesses owners wanting to manage their books, including invoicing, bank reconciliations, and financial accounting servicees.

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online accounting software
online accounting software

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