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Our story

FIGA’s one-stop suite of complementary services has grown from experience and many challenges faced to describe what success looks like.

Our Goal

Our priority for each of our customers is developing well-balanced, highly functional and integrated solutions and recommendations that meet your value propositions and long-term goals.

FIGA’s other specialised capabilities include cost manufacturing, supply chain management, contracts management, outsourcing, financial/IT systems interfaces and business case planning, tax, general, technical compliance and statutory reporting.

So do you want us to FIGA it out for you? 

Our People

Team Figa

After working over 20 years across a variety of corporate, private organisations including SME’s in the healthcare, retail, construction, agribusiness sectors, I saw the opportunity to create something uniquely simple and easy for sole traders, tradies and SME’s made practical sense.

Collectively with a group of regular customers, IT disruptors and technological gurus, the Figa dream was formed.

Figa (or figure it out) resonates with breaking it down by offering a suite of smart and essential services, price-effective, high value solutions that are relevant to sole traders, DIYer’s or small business owners, start-ups and also book keepers and practitioners wanting a ‘robust basic accounting service and IT solution’.

Our thinking behind FIGA is ‘any door will lead you to the right room’ in terms of us handling your accounting services, systems or even having a virtual team to manage administration needs allowing entrepreneurs and business owners to better focus (only limited hours in the day) on the front of mind issues and growth opportunities.

If there’s a desire to plan for an exit strategy or high-end business analytics we also can offer these insights. All doors lead you to an opening.

Finally, our long-term vision is to create solutions, so your everyday hassles of administration and compliance aspects are better managed.

Figa will simplify what really matters to you.

Kind Regards and Faiakse’ea, Mark

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online accounting software
online accounting software

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